Conas tá tú?

Welcome to the Troy Family Page.

My name is Mícheál and I live in Northeastern Virginia, United States. I am retired after a twentyseven year military career with the U.S. Coast Guard.

I started ancestral research with the intent of leaving some form of historical record for my children. A legacy of their forebears. As the project evolved, it occurred to me this not only encompasses my children, and my siblings, but, my cousins and in effect, the whole TROY sept.

In October of 2004, I was contacted by my first cousin, John Mícheál Troy, of Kilmacthomas in County Waterford, Ireland. John has in his infinite kindness provided me with factual and up to date information of our family forebears. Much of the information previously contained within my original work, was gravely flawed... and, I am forever indebted to John for setting OUR family history correct ;-) So, now this is truly OUR 'TROY Family Page.' God Bless John, and his family.

This is a continuing project, one that will probably always be. I have attempted to share this information with the many. However, due to a military career that spanned the better part of three decades, I have lost touch with some.

This remains an open invitation to all those family members who may someday read this.... If you have information that you feel is pertinent, or important, or even if you feel its just trivial family stories; contact me. Share those anecdotes!

I dedicate this site to my children, and family in Ireland, who I hope shall develop interests in genealogical research and Irish genealogy in particular.

Bookmark this page. As I plan to set it up with items of interest for those who are researching their own Irish genealogy.

It is my hope that you return often.

Go n'éirí an t-ádh leat.